Community-led companies are the future. Product development has to catch up to play the game. We need to see our community managers as accelerators and key stakeholders to every step of the product development lifecycle. From ideation, where the community can help us ensure we’re spending calories in the most impactful ways, to launch when our community can help ensure smooth rollouts, community-led product development is the way we will build for the foreseeable future.

Many companies are now building communities through things like an ideas forum to solicit ideas from their customers, or a slack group to communicate with…

This was originally posted on the HubSpot product blog.

I work on the reporting team at HubSpot, and have for some years. And things have definitely evolved on the product during that time. New team members have come and gone, new organizational developments and projects have kept us on our toes. But the biggest and most powerful change has been our transformation into a true platform team that creates things that can effectively scale all over the product. It wasn’t always this way.

In the olden days of HubSpot, for instance, if the email team wanted a chart, the email…

In tech we hear a lot about diversity, inclusion and belonging. We’ve even made an acronym for it, DI&B. At HubSpot we work hard to hold DI&B practices high, constantly refocus or recenter conversations, and still, we have so much work to do.

I’m a white, cisgendered woman. Those are my visible attributes. Of course, I have invisible attributes — like being bisexual, having depression and anxiety, taking medication daily — that also make up a diverse workforce. But all too often, we (the tech industry) are just scratching the surface with DI&B. …

Klobuchar campaign event photographed by Phil Roeder

Preamble: I can never understand the pressures and constraints the team that built the app for the Iowa caucus was under. I do not intend to shame the team or their work, only to share what I think we can all learn from the situation.

What happened?

Many armchair politicos (myself included) stayed up late on Monday to watch the results of the Iowa caucus roll in. Since 1974, 7 out of 10 candidates who’ve won the Iowa caucus, later secured the Democratic nomination. I reloaded Twitter repeatedly, anxiously waiting for the first signal of the 2020 primary season. And then, I…

Chelsea Bathurst

Product designer in Boston, just trying to pet cats and have a good life.

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