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  • Jonathan Meharry

    Jonathan Meharry

    Design Manager @hubspot. I love sketching ideas and I go through a lot of paper.

  • Corey Padnos

    Corey Padnos

  • Mariah Muscato

    Mariah Muscato

    Principal Product Designer @HubSpot. Formerly @RunKeeper.

  • Henry Wu

    Henry Wu

    Product Design Lead @HubSpot // a thinker and a problem solver // a dog's best friend // passion for tech, design & good eats

  • Kailyn Nelson

    Kailyn Nelson

    User Experience Manager at Buildable

  • Krystal Wu

    Krystal Wu

    Social Media Community Manager @HubSpot. A people person. Tea drinker with a side of laughter.

  • Ken Yeoh

    Ken Yeoh

  • sukanya ray

    sukanya ray

    product design + community building @ Commsor

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