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  • Amanda Chong

    Amanda Chong

    Designing and making stuff — www.hellofrommandy.com/ • Doodles at https://www.instagram.com/hellofrommandy.design/

  • Chloe Cathcart

    Chloe Cathcart

    Product Designer @ HubSpot

  • Mia Blume

    Mia Blume

    Design Leadership Coach + CEO at Design Dept. Founder of Within. Previous leader at Pinterest, Square and IDEO.

  • Lesley Burr

    Lesley Burr

    Boston based, Chicago raised. Design Lead @HubSpot.

  • Sean Landry

    Sean Landry

    Creative Professional, Product Designer who is constantly amazed and delighted by the world of design and those designers who make it so awesome.

  • CJ Foss

    CJ Foss

  • Marissa Salas

    Marissa Salas

  • Stefano Di Tommaso

    Stefano Di Tommaso

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